2018 World Diabetes Day – “Diabetes Concerns Every Family”

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RAG-Diabetes has already developed a focus on this issue.  Each estimate by individual countries, large multinational NGO’s like IDF or WHO, of the numbers with diabetes show ever increasing numbers.  This is not sustainable from the health or economic point of view. Diabetes demands ever increasing use of limited medical resources and causes major limitation for health of individuals and society.

RAG-Diabetes has implemented, on our web site the RAG-Diabetes Risk Test. This test has been developed by experts and is available on many sites, but we have pooled them so individuals can learn of their risk.

If there is diabetes in your family, take the risk test.  If you are overweight, have heart, blood pressure or other chronic conditions, take the test.  Learning you are at risk can help you prevent diabetes.

Rotarians, this special day designated by the UN…14 November, put the information and links to the test in your newsletter and help your fellow Rotarians and others in your community change their future to one without diabetes.

Take the RAG-Diabetes Risk Test

Learn more about World Diabetes Day.

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