Around the world, millions suffering from diabetes are unable to access life-saving treatment and lack the means to manage their condition.

With its long and profound history of doing good in the world, a vast network of volunteers and ablity to gather public health expertise, Rotary International is positioned well and can help fight the Global Diabetes Epidemic.

Rotary Action Group for Diabetes (“RAG-Diabetes”) aims to address the Global Diabetes Epidemic by raising awareness to the humanitarian hearts and minds of 1.4 million members of Rotary International and other individuals and organizations who would like to join our efforts in RAG-Diabetes 5 Areas of Focus.

Supporting RAG-Diabetes will help in the fight against diabetes, create opportunities to help those that cannot help themselves and save lives.

Blank Blue ButtonRAG-Diabetes Annual Supporting Member for USD25 billed every 1 year.

Blank Blue ButtonRAG-Diabetes 3-Year Supporting Member for USD69 billed every 3 years.

Blank Blue ButtonRAG-Diabetes 5-Year Supporting Member for USD100 billed every 5 years.