Areas of Focus

To address the Global Diabetes Epidemic, Rotary Action Group for Diabetes (“RAG-DIabetes”) believes in the following 5 Areas of Focus.  RAG-Diabetes encourage all initiatives, programs and projects that address these areas.  Join us in saving lives and improving quality of life of millions around the world.

  • Awareness – Nearly half of the 537 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide are diagnosed. Many learn about their condition at the time life threatening, or debilitating complication caused by diabetes have manifested.  One of the keys to saving lives of those with diabetes and fighting the Global Diabetes Epidemic is early detection of diabetes.
  • Prevention – According to the World Health Organization (WHO) – “The causes (of diabetes) are complex, but the rise is due in part to increases in the number of people who are overweight, including an increase in obesity, and in a widespread lack of physical activity.” Similarly, a proper nutrition that match people’s lifestyles must be inspired.  Also, understanding the risk factors of diabetes is important. Preventing or delaying onset of diabetes is one of the keys in fighting the Global Diabetes Epidemic.
  • Treatment – In the poorest countries around the world, only 1-in-3 have access to life-saving insulin and other diabetes treatments. Many could not afford treatment even when available.  In these countries, a sound public health strategy need to include sustainable treatment delivery to people with diabetes.
  • Management – Those suffering from diabetes, with treatment, blood glucose management starts with 1) proper monitoring, 2) healthy nutrition and 3) adapting a lifestyle with regular physical activity. Education and promoting of these 3 keys of diabetes management must be a part of the strategy to help prevent or delay onset of complications and in many cases reversing the diabetes condition (type-2).
  • Complications – Diabetes when untreated or improperly managed lead to life-threatening and debilitating complications. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, blindness in working adults, non-trauma lower-limb amputations, heart disease and stroke.  Addressing those that suffer from these conditions means opening a doorway to becoming contributing members of their communities.  Treatments and Rehabilitation of diabetes complication are unreachable to the poorest countries around the world.

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